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When you search for something, anything, what do you notice on the first page of results? Chances are, there is at least one Facebook page among the results in the first few pages. Have you ever wondered why and how Facebook and SEO are related? It is kind of simple; your Facebook page is a website. And the pages that show up in the search results are more than likely treated as websites for SEO purposes. Read on for more information about how SEO and Facebook pages are related to each other. SEO is critical for any business especially for yoga studios and yoga programming.

It has been quite some time that the modern search engines have been indexing social media sites. Whether the pages are from Google Plus, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or other social media networks. The social media pages and sites that are highly ranked are done so because of SEO efforts. Is your Facebook page getting the visitors you would like? If not, you should consider optimizing it like your yoga website or any business site you have.

Start by naming your Facebook page with a yoga niche name. It should be as close you to your brand name as possible. You may be limited by characters, but it is important to keep it as close as possible. This makes it easier for you to share the site and it’s more clear for search engine spiders. Consultants at Philadelphia SEO can help you with your search engine marketing and Facebook.

Next, select a category for your Facebook page which should be yoga instruction. The type you choose should be as relevant as possible. It is not always easy to be exact with the options Facebook offers, but it is crucial to choose something at least related. This will help those who are searching as well as the search engines like Google.

After that, be specific in your “About” section. Share as much information as you can about the yoga location, but make it relevant. Also, organically add in keywords that searchers may use to find your company. Too many inorganic keywords or keyword phrases will cause your page to get marked as spam by Google.

You want to share your contact information, too. If you are a local company, share your address and phone number. Search engines will use this information when searchers look for you, those in your yoga niche, or your yoga competitors.

Once your Facebook page is complete, begin sharing relevant health and yoga content. This is something that you should continue on a regular basis and will be used by the search engines to help your target audience find you. Not only that, but great fitness information will keep people coming to your Facebook page to hear what you have to say. The more likes and comments you have, the higher that the search engines will rank your page.

As you can see, treating your Facebook page just like any other website is a critical part of the SEO practice. By using keywords, sharing relevant and useful information, and keeping your target audience engaged will go a long way to help your Facebook page rank highly with the search engines. Use what you learned here and watch your brand grow.